My new deep space ambient album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ releases on coming Sunday, May 3rd. It will be available on all major online music stores and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon as well as on my Bandcamp page.


  • 1 – One Light-Year Only
  • 2 – Galaxies Reborn
  • 3 – A Void of Consciousness 2
  • 4 A Moment of Free Vision

Total playtime: 1:06:13

The album will become available on my Youtube channel too as a non-stop mix with space visuals in 4K. The mix is titled ‘The Cosmos and Beyond’, features all the tracks on the album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ and is currently a work in progress.

Cover-art digital album Galaxies Reborn by Nimanty
Deep space ambient album Galaxies Reborn