Space ambient track ‘One Light-Year Only’ from my album ‘Galaxies Reborn’:

One Light-Year Only

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Cheers, Nimanty

Released in 2013, besides collecting all the pictures in FULL-HD quality, I very well remember the toughest part of this track: Getting all the images in sync with the pulse in the music.

After rendering, the result went off-sync which, of course, I could compensate for. However, Youtube back then, for some reason, also put the audio and images off-sync.

So, in the end, I had to experiment a lot where the right sync point was. I remember also very well I uploaded the video many times to my channel only to find out that it was close, but not yet perfect in sync.

In the end it worked out ? Still very happy with the track myself years later now.

I’ve given this space ambient track, originally released in 2012, new and relaxing animated space visuals. The track has hit over 250.000 streams on Spotify so…for some reason I wanted to create new and own visuals to it. Hope you enjoy.

In the meantime there’s steady progress with my upcoming, still untitled, longplay track. I’ll keep you all up to date.

Thank you and many cheers, Nimanty.