My upcoming album ‘Time Space Light’ is set to release on April 27th, 2021. The album features 7 new tracks:

  • 1 – Time
  • 2 – Space
  • 3 – Light
  • 4 – Goodbye
  • 5 – Silent Transformation
  • 6 – Lost In Time
  • 7 – Final Revelation ( released as single track: )

Total playtime: 63 minutes.

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Cover-art album 'Time Space Light'
Digital album ‘Time Space Light’

Space ambient track ‘Final Revelation’ will release on January 23rd 2021 as single track. The track will also feature on my upcoming album ‘Time Space Light’, planned for release in February / March.

Final Revelation

First cover-art design for my upcoming album titled ‘Time Space Light’. Currently working on the first production edits for one of the featured tracks ‘Dawn Of Time’.

Stay tuned for updates on progress. Cheers to you all, Nimanty.

Concept cover-art upcoming album 'Time Space Light'.
‘TIME SPACE LIGHT’ Concept cover-art