Digital album ‘The Waves of Happiness’

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The Comet was very clearly visible in the currently clear night skies here on The Azores, Island of Faial, where I live. The tail was huge, clearly visible too, and covered an area that compares in size to constellation Ursa Major. Impressive sight!
More info on Comet Neowise here (wikipedia)

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Cover-art of digital album The Waves of Happiness
The Waves of Happiness

Due to a small audio glitch in the most recent upload, the space ambient video for the track ‘The Waves of Happiness’, the premiere on my Youtube channel for 15-11-2019 has been cancelled.

This gives me the opportunity to correct the glitch, re-render the video and then of course, re-upload the new and final version to Youtube. I will not premiere it by then but simply make it available directly.

Thanks a lot to those few who already left their nice comments on the erroneous version…I hope you will re-visit the new version soon. I’m already working on it.

Thank you and cheers, Nimanty.

My upcoming album ‘The Waves of Happiness’ will be available from the 14th of November. It will be released on all major music streaming services and stores, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. I will make it available on Bandcamp too.

On the release date I will also premiere the title track ‘The Waves of Happiness’ on my Youtube channel. The ambient music video for this has been finalized and it is ready for upload.

Really happy to be able to release another album on which I’ve worked at least two years in all, and of course I hope you will all appreciate the tracks on it. Please stay tuned for later updates and more details.

Remember you get a free copy of the album (download) if you become a Patreon

Listen to three tracks already available on my Youtube channel, released as singles, but also featuring on the album:

– Balance (Youtube) – Sphere (Youtube)

My upcoming digital album ‘The Waves of Happiness’ has been delivered to my music distributor. Once the distributor has checked all the details the release date will be set and announced here.

The album includes six space ambient tracks:

  • 1 – Sphere
  • 2 – Balance
  • 3 – A Void of Consciousness
  • 4 – The Waves of Happiness
  • 5 – The Voyage
  • 6 – A Second Life

Total playtime: 79.15 minutes.

I’ve made a music videoclip to the titletrack ‘The Waves of Happiness’ so once the album release date is set I will release that video on my Youtube channel as well. Stay tuned for update on release.

Thank you and many cheers to you all, Nimanty.

Cover art of album The Waves of Happiness.