Proud to announce my first two Patrons! Thank you so much for supporting my work. Currently I’m working on ‘Night Mix 5’ and starting the first concept ideas for a next space ambient track.

I have created a ‘goal’ on my Patreon Page: If (when) I reach 10 Patron supporters I will start working on a longplay (several hours), space ambient music mix with relaxing animated space visuals in 4K UHD resolution. On release, it will be made available here on my Youtube Channel. Mood will be relaxing, calm, for study, background use and sleeping. Because of the visuals it can also serve as a screensaver.

My Patreon Page offers 4 different Tiers: Do join me on my space voyage !

Cheers to you all, Nimanty.

Screenshot of Nimanty's Patreon Page