Limited edition 12″ double vinyl album ‘Beautiful Cosmos’. Includes a cd version of the album and a 5″ production booklet that both conveniently holds inside the vinyl sleeve as one package. Enjoy ‘Beautiful Cosmos’ as a great collectable product in both vintage and digital sound style.

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Digital album ‘The Waves of Happiness’

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The Comet was very clearly visible in the currently clear night skies here on The Azores, Island of Faial, where I live. The tail was huge, clearly visible too, and covered an area that compares in size to constellation Ursa Major. Impressive sight!
More info on Comet Neowise here (wikipedia)

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Cover-art of digital album The Waves of Happiness
The Waves of Happiness

I want to let you know, that from today, pricing of all my individual tracks on my Bandcamp profile have been reduced and updated to a ‘simple’ € 1,-.

Digital albums now range from € 4,- to € 6,- depending on the amount of tracks on the album. Buying an album gives you a ‘price per track’ reduction.

For some time now I have wanted this…no pricing distinction between individual tracks, creating a very straight forward buying process.

You can visit my Bandcamp profile with the new pricing here