My latest space ambient track ‘Balance’ has been delivered to my music distributor. Release expected in a couple of days. ‘Balance’ is part of my upcoming album ‘Waves of Happiness’, also to be released soon.


Screenshot of the first ‘test’ rendering of my upcoming space ambient video clip live-stream on my Youtube channel. The live-stream will contain two new tracks from my upcoming album ‘Waves of Happiness.

Stay tuned for exact date and time of the stream. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel for latest updates and releases. Thank you.

The audio master for the space ambient album ‘Waves of Happiness’ is partly ready. Currently working on the space videoclip for the release of one track on this album, called ‘Balance’ (screenshot below). The track will premiere on my Youtube channel with a live stream together with other parts of the album.

So, my setup has changed a bit during the production process where the title ‘Waves of Happiness’ will now feature my entire album and ‘Balance’ is a track from this album. Just need a little more time to prepare the video, the stream for Youtube and the album itself. Stay tuned for my next update on this. Thank you all!

Screenshot from 'Balance'

‘Fading’ is a short film directed by Isaiah Talley, starring Carl Cullan Keller and Nina Alyssa Syaheda. About a small town college kid in a new world, meeting a very interesting person…

And a beautiful way of using my space ambient track ‘Serene’ in it:

Short film ‘Fading’