Space ambient track ‘Etanee’ has undergone cover-art transformations and has now received its final art.

The first cover-art (top-left) dates from 2008 and was later replaced by a more coloured design (top-right) only to be replaced by its final design (bottom centre) in 2021.

It was a matter of not being totally happy with the design reflecting the track.

Etanee – cover-art evolution

The succesful space ambient track ‘Etanee‘ gets a re-release on my Youtube channel.

Back in 2010 it was one of my earlier audio tracks combined with my first attempts to create animated space visuals. With the re-release the audio has been remastered and especially the visuals have been improved, where animations are more realistic and the quality is now FULL HD, in stead of 720P.

Stay tuned on release on my Youtube channel soon.

Space ambient track ‘Etanee’