My upcoming album ‘Time Space Light’ is set to release on April 27th, 2021. The album features 7 new tracks:

  • 1 – Time
  • 2 – Space
  • 3 – Light
  • 4 – Goodbye
  • 5 – Silent Transformation
  • 6 – Lost In Time
  • 7 – Final Revelation ( released as single track: )

Total playtime: 63 minutes.

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Many cheers to you all and thank you for following me.


Cover-art album 'Time Space Light'
Digital album ‘Time Space Light’

First cover-art design for my upcoming album titled ‘Time Space Light’. Currently working on the first production edits for one of the featured tracks ‘Dawn Of Time’.

Stay tuned for updates on progress. Cheers to you all, Nimanty.

Concept cover-art upcoming album 'Time Space Light'.
‘TIME SPACE LIGHT’ Concept cover-art

Enjoying the views from my house while thinking out and working on the concept for my next album.

Views on Sao Jorge Island from my house on Faial Island, Azores.

Album title: still a work, or ‘thought’ in progress. It will feature a remake of my vintage track ‘Dee Dee’s Dream’ and a possible collaboration with my brother Boele Staal. So far I’ve created 4 track maps with titles ‘One’, ‘Dawn of Time’, ‘Dee Dee’s Evolution’ (the remake of Dee Dee’s Dream’) and a final map still unnamed.

Stay tuned for updates and progress on this upcoming space ambient album. Thank you and cheers, Nimanty.

My upcoming album ‘The Waves of Happiness’ will be available from the 14th of November. It will be released on all major music streaming services and stores, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. I will make it available on Bandcamp too.

On the release date I will also premiere the title track ‘The Waves of Happiness’ on my Youtube channel. The ambient music video for this has been finalized and it is ready for upload.

Really happy to be able to release another album on which I’ve worked at least two years in all, and of course I hope you will all appreciate the tracks on it. Please stay tuned for later updates and more details.

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Listen to three tracks already available on my Youtube channel, released as singles, but also featuring on the album:

– Balance (Youtube) – Sphere (Youtube)

My upcoming digital album ‘The Waves of Happiness’ has been delivered to my music distributor. Once the distributor has checked all the details the release date will be set and announced here.

The album includes six space ambient tracks:

  • 1 – Sphere
  • 2 – Balance
  • 3 – A Void of Consciousness
  • 4 – The Waves of Happiness
  • 5 – The Voyage
  • 6 – A Second Life

Total playtime: 79.15 minutes.

I’ve made a music videoclip to the titletrack ‘The Waves of Happiness’ so once the album release date is set I will release that video on my Youtube channel as well. Stay tuned for update on release.

Thank you and many cheers to you all, Nimanty.

Cover art of album The Waves of Happiness.


This is the cover-art for the upcoming album ‘Waves of Happiness’. Tracks include ‘Balance’, ‘Sphere’ and the title track ‘Waves of Happiness’. Space ambient track ‘Balance’ will be released as digital single and will be available in stores the coming days. Exact release of the entire album will be announced here and on my Youtube channel

Initial plans have been made for a collaboration project with Russian space ambient artist Solarsoul (also DJ at DI.FM space dreams) to produce a full album. Previous collaborations with Solarsoul include ‘The Starry Sky’ and ‘Discovery of the Universe’.