Dear followers and visitors to my website, Currently hitting the mark of 3000 subscribers on my Youtube channel.

Of course, compared to the ‘big stars’ a modest amount, still, very proud and also thankful with all of you following my music; your nice comments and appreciation for my work is what inspires me to continue. So, thank you very much everyone and please stay tuned for my next production ‘The Waves of Happiness’.

Hitting 3000 subscribers on my Youtube channel

Besides my next space ambient track ‘A Second Life’ which will be released soon I’m currently working on a live-stream space ambient track premiere here on my Youtube channel. Details follow.

The working title for the track is ‘Waves Of Happiness’.

Nimanty Live-stream new track premiere on Youtube

My first ‘space music voyage’ livestream on Youtube. A test, on 852×480 resolution and with some minor glitches. Still proud of that it worked and I will now prepare a first HD stream premiere of a next track. Stay tuned.