Limited edition 12″ double vinyl album ‘Beautiful Cosmos’. Includes a cd version of the album and a 5″ production booklet that both conveniently holds inside the vinyl sleeve as one package. Enjoy ‘Beautiful Cosmos’ as a great collectable product in both vintage and digital sound style.

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First cover-art design for my upcoming album titled ‘Time Space Light’. Currently working on the first production edits for one of the featured tracks ‘Dawn Of Time’.

Stay tuned for updates on progress. Cheers to you all, Nimanty.

Concept cover-art upcoming album 'Time Space Light'.
‘TIME SPACE LIGHT’ Concept cover-art

Digital album ‘The Waves of Happiness’

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The Comet was very clearly visible in the currently clear night skies here on The Azores, Island of Faial, where I live. The tail was huge, clearly visible too, and covered an area that compares in size to constellation Ursa Major. Impressive sight!
More info on Comet Neowise here (wikipedia)

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Cover-art of digital album The Waves of Happiness
The Waves of Happiness

Enjoying the views from my house while thinking out and working on the concept for my next album.

Views on Sao Jorge Island from my house on Faial Island, Azores.

Album title: still a work, or ‘thought’ in progress. It will feature a remake of my vintage track ‘Dee Dee’s Dream’ and a possible collaboration with my brother Boele Staal. So far I’ve created 4 track maps with titles ‘One’, ‘Dawn of Time’, ‘Dee Dee’s Evolution’ (the remake of Dee Dee’s Dream’) and a final map still unnamed.

Stay tuned for updates and progress on this upcoming space ambient album. Thank you and cheers, Nimanty.