Space ambient track ‘Calabi Yau U6’ will be released on May 22nd, 2020. The track has a total playtime of 21:34 minutes and features deep space as well as ’70 Berlin School electronic energetic elements.

The track is part of my ‘Calabi Yau Series’ of deep space ambient tracks bundled in this playlist:

And mixed together here in this special ‘Calabi Yau’ Youtube mix:

Sidenote: The name ‘Calabi Yau’ refers to the famous Calabi Yau manifold. Applicable in, among others, theoretical physics like the complex Superstring theory.

Cover-art Calabi Yau U6

Currently finalizing the production of my upcoming long-play deep space ambient mix titled ‘The Cosmos and Beyond’. It features all four tracks of my recently released album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ (listen on my Bandcamp profile) seamlessly connected for a relaxing space music voyage.

Visuals will be available in 4K resolution; the screenshots are of sections already finalized. Total playtime of the mix will be +/- 66 minutes. Starting the rendering process soon.

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Thank you and cheers, Nimanty.

Screenshots upcoming mix

My new deep space ambient album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ releases on coming Sunday, May 3rd. It will be available on all major online music stores and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon as well as on my Bandcamp page.


  • 1 – One Light-Year Only
  • 2 – Galaxies Reborn
  • 3 – A Void of Consciousness 2
  • 4 A Moment of Free Vision

Total playtime: 1:06:13

The album will become available on my Youtube channel too as a non-stop mix with space visuals in 4K. The mix is titled ‘The Cosmos and Beyond’, features all the tracks on the album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ and is currently a work in progress.

Cover-art digital album Galaxies Reborn by Nimanty
Deep space ambient album Galaxies Reborn

Listen and watch a short preview/impression of the upcoming space ambient mix I’m currently working on. It shows a space scene with a kind of space ship display interface to give the effect of travelling a spaceship onboard:

Working title of the mix is ‘The Cosmos and Beyond’. Animated space visuals will be available in 4K resolution on release. The mix includes all tracks feastured on my upcoming album ‘Galaxies Reborn’, to be released on May 3rd.

I’ll keep you updated on progress. In the meantime, take care and stay safe!

The ‘Calabi Yau series’ of deep space ambient music tracks is extended. ‘Calabi Yau U6’ is already produced and finished and basically ready for release. It is the 5th. track in the series and continues the deep space music voyage set in motion by ‘Calabi Yau U2’.

‘Calabi Yau U6’ has a total playtime of 21:34 minutes and features deep space as well as Berlin School elements.

Below the cover-art for the track. Release date will follow but will be after the release of the upcoming album ‘Galaxies Reborn’, on May 3rd. 2020.

Cover-art for deep space ambient track Calabi Yau U6 by Nimanty.
Calabi Yau U6

Happy to announce my music distributor has confirmed that on May 3rd my upcoming digital album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ will be released in online stores and streaming services.

It features 4 deep space ambient tracks:

  • One Light-Year Only
  • Galaxies Reborn
  • A Void of Consciousness 2
  • A Moment of Free Vision

Tracks are seemlessly connected without gaps, making it one big relaxing Cosmic voyage.

Cover-art digital album Galaxies Reborn by Nimanty
Galaxies Reborn

I want to let you know, that from today, pricing of all my individual tracks on my Bandcamp profile have been reduced and updated to a ‘simple’ € 1,-.

Digital albums now range from € 4,- to € 6,- depending on the amount of tracks on the album. Buying an album gives you a ‘price per track’ reduction.

For some time now I have wanted this…no pricing distinction between individual tracks, creating a very straight forward buying process.

You can visit my Bandcamp profile with the new pricing here