Born in Delfzijl, The Netherlands, Nimanty (real name Roelf Staal) soon moved to Halden, Norway spending his early childhood enjoying the wilderness of the Norwegian countryside.

At the age of 7 Nimanty noticed a piece of music on the radio he instantly felt connected to, coming to learn years later that it was Oxygene IV by Jean Michel Jarre he had listened to. It triggered his fascination for electronic music and also cosmology, inspired by the amazing ‘Cosmos’ series by Carl Sagan that aired on television at that time.

Back in The Netherlands, at the age of 13, Nimanty bought his first Yamaha keyboard and only 2 years later he spent all his savings to buy a Korg Wavestation synthesizer. A steep learning curve followed but having fun goes a long way…

Lots of practicing, trying, experimenting and creating in the attic at night till dawn resulted in a small home studio, set up together with his brother. The studio included a first generation IBM 0-86 pc with Cakewalk and an analogue mixer bought from the local radio station. Also a Korg M1 was added together with an Ensoniq EPS sampler, resulting in long nights of sound designing.

Small releases followed after which, in 1997, Nimanty attended the University of Utrecht. There Nimanty earned the Bachelors in Audio Engineering and sound design only to build his own recording studio Venonza Records right away.

From 2001 till 2010 Nimanty produced a lot of music for other artists, not only recording but also handling post production and often composition and arrangement. By the end of 2010 Nimanty finally refocused on his own space ambient productions and since then has done so.

In 2012 Nimanty collaborated with space ambient artist Solarsoul creating “The Starry Sky”. The track played on ‘Hearts Of Space’ produced by Steven Hill.

In 2013 Nimanty performed live in the 3D dome of the Infoversum, Groningen, The Netherlands, delivering an hour long space ambient music performance accompanied by true 3D space visuals.

In his track “A Walk to the Stars” Nimanty pays tribute to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos by combining relaxed space ambient music with original footage from the series.

In 2017 Nimanty released a 12” double vinyl record to re-create the analogue atmosphere from the 70’. The record includes a cd version of the album and a booklet, explaining the whole production process of the album.

Currently, Nimanty enjoys creating space ambient music non-stop and does so from his own home studio, still called Venonza Records and now also functioning as his own release label. Nimanty lives in The Netherlands with his wife and twin daughters.

You are more than welcome to join Nimanty online on his Youtube channel or to follow him on facebook where you’ll find regular updates and new releases.