Nimanty (real name Roelf Staal, born 1972) is a Dutch composer, arranger and producer of space ambient music and a creator of animated space visuals. Nimanty releases his music thru his own label Venonza Records, which also serves as his recording studio.

Nimanty in his studio Venonza Records, also serving as his musiclabel
Nimanty, Venonza Records

Nimanty attended the University of Utrecht (1996-2000), The Netherlands, where he earned a bachelors in audio engineering and sound design.

Nimanty as a teenager in his first homestudio
Nimanty as teenager, first homestudio

Among Nimanty’s synthesizer hardware setup are a Roland JD-800, a Korg M1, a Korg Wavestation, an Ensoniq EPS, a Kurzweil K2500X, a Roland D50, a Siel Orchestra 2, a Casio CZ-1 and a Keytek CTS2000.

Nimanty during a recording session
Nimanty during recording session

Nimanty continues to produce space ambient music non-stop and does so from his own studio and label. Nimanty lives on The Azores with his wife and twin daughters.

Please join Nimanty online on his Youtube channel where you’ll find regular updates and new releases.

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