B&B Faial Cottage

Dear visitor, I found this weekend to be suitable to let you know about another project (next to musicmaking) I’ve been working on with my wife and my twin daughters, namely, a private Bed & Breakfast Cottage in our garden, on the Island of Faial, Azores, where I live.

Recently we finally finished it after building it from scratch, which took us about 2 years all in all. So, proud to let you all know it’s here, available and online: https://faialcottage.com

We’ve set up a Facebook page for it as well. Here we post a bit of everything about our daily lives here on Faial, also related to the B&B: https://www.facebook.com/FamilieStaal

Thank you and cheers from Faial Island, Azores. Nimanty.

Bed & Breakfast Faial Cottage