My upcoming album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ is ready for release. As usually is the case for me during production, titles and progress develop, so, here are the final track titles:

  • 1 – One Light-Year Only
  • 2 – Galaxies Reborn
  • 3 – A Void of Consciousness II
  • 4 – A Short Moment of Free Vision

The total playtime of the album is 01:06:13 and it will be released here on my Youtube channel as a non-stop space ambient mix. Next step for me now is to add the space visuals in 4K…which my PC is looking forward to 🙂 (will be some though rendering…) This will take some additional time, however, in the meantime, I will distribute the album the coming days to online stores and streaming services like Spotify.

Previously I mentioned 5 tracks on the album. This has changed to 4 tracks because one track developed in such a way that it announced itself unexpectedly as being the next installment of my Calabi Yau series of space music. So, A ‘Calabi Yau U6’ is on its way too, extending the series to 5 deep space ambient tracks in total.

Thank you so much for following me here on my own portal and on my Youtube channel…and also for your thumbs up on my posts on Youtube…feels like really great support! Again, stay safe you all in these ridiculous (if I may say so) times and I’ll keep you up to date on progress.

Cover-art for the album Galaxies Reborn by Nimanty.
Galaxies Reborn

Just now, my new space ambient track ‘One Light-Year Only’, has been delivered to my digital distributor. The track features on my upcoming album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ too but receives a single-track pre-release. It should take around one week for the track to be available in online stores and streaming services.

Playtime is 22 minutes. Below the cover-art for the track. In the meantime, the upcoming album ‘Galaxies Reborn’ has great progress. It will release here on my channel soon as a longplay, non-stop relaxing space ambient mix.

Updates will follow. In the meantime, stay safe everyone in these strange times.

Cover-art for the space ambient track 'One Light-Year Only'.
One Light-Year Only

I’ve titled some of the tracks that will appear on my upcoming space ambient release:

  • 1 – A Void of Consciousness II
  • 2 – Galaxies Reborn
  • 3 – One Light-Year Only
  • 4 – Pulse Wave

The production is still a work in progress, constantly adding, re-editing and changing musical shapes. Currently working on 5 tracks in total, seemlessly connected.

2 tracks are ready to be mastered. I will keep you updated on progress.

In the meantime, take care everyone, in these strange, almost surrealistic times.

Still the upcoming longplay deep space ambient mix for my Youtube channel has good progress. I’ve finally titled the project and below is the cover-art for the album I will create out of it: ‘Galaxies Reborn’.

It will be my first album being very gentle, deep space like, for sleep, or even study maybe…this cover-art, to me, catches the right atmosphere.

Currently working on the finishing of the tracks after which mastering starts. Really happy progress is going so well and I will keep you up to date on further developments.

Thanks to you all and lots of cheers from Azores,


Cover-art of the digital album Galaxies Reborn, by Nimanty.
Cover-art digital album ‘Galaxies Reborn’

Released in 2013, besides collecting all the pictures in FULL-HD quality, I very well remember the toughest part of this track: Getting all the images in sync with the pulse in the music.

After rendering, the result went off-sync which, of course, I could compensate for. However, Youtube back then, for some reason, also put the audio and images off-sync.

So, in the end, I had to experiment a lot where the right sync point was. I remember also very well I uploaded the video many times to my channel only to find out that it was close, but not yet perfect in sync.

In the end it worked out 🙂 Still very happy with the track myself years later now.

I’ve given this space ambient track, originally released in 2012, new and relaxing animated space visuals. The track has hit over 250.000 streams on Spotify so…for some reason I wanted to create new and own visuals to it. Hope you enjoy.

In the meantime there’s steady progress with my upcoming, still untitled, longplay track. I’ll keep you all up to date.

Thank you and many cheers, Nimanty.


As mentioned in my ‘2020 MUSIC PROJECT’ post below, I’ve started working on a new, longplay space ambient track. Concept is a really relaxing track, for study, maybe even sleep. Goal is to add new rendered animated space visuals in 4K resolution. I’m targeting a playtime of over 1 hour. Currently the project is untitled, so, simply starting off. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Cheers, Nimanty.

Image of the Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31).

Andromeda Galaxy – Messier 31

Starting off 2020 with my first concept for a new album. For it I’ve created a new map structure on my drive for 4 new space ambient tracks of which 2 I’ve set some first ideas. Working title of the album is “One” but that can change during the production process.

Also working on a new longplay mix, this time, a really relaxing one, for study or something, or maybe even for sleep.

Anyway, looking forward to a productive 2020 and stay tuned on my Youtube channel as well for latest updates. I will keep you up to date there in the Community tab.

Thank you and many cheers, Nimanty.

In the meantime, here’s my latest Youtube release:

Calabi Yau Sphere album mix